What's Cooking?

What's Cooking has been postponed UNTILL FURTHER NOTICE

  • Wednesday, March 18th (and every Wednesday)
  • 12:00pm - 3:00pm
  • Who doesn't LUV pizza or mac & cheese?  All these products are brand new for us and mouthwatering!  If you need quick after school snacks for you or the kids, these are perfect.  Plus, all 3 are dairy free.  The pizza is gluten free too, but you would never know it.  Amy's makes the very best tasting frozen pizzas!


Cancelled until Further Notice!! Replenish Plus Skin Care Demo with Robert Rockwood

Saturday, April 18th, 12 to 4   HAS BEEN CANCELLED

Mother's Day is May 10th and this would make her VERY HAPPY.  (Just make sure you get this for yourself as well, otherwise Mom might not ever get hers!)  No matter what age or what gender, these are the most moisturizing and cleanest products we have ever carried.  The creams are the most popular for the face, but extremely beneficial for those cracked fingertips.  The serum is generally used around the eyes and lips but it also wonderful on the neck and decollete.  And the cleanser is unlike any cleanser we've EVER used.  It never leaves you face totally dried out, but moisturized and soft …. AND, you only need a very small amount (pea size).