some of our Most popular products

Himalaya LiverCare


Himalaya LiverCare works in multiple capacities to free the body of toxins and waste*. The blend of herbs in LiverCare protect from free-radical damage, promote cellular lifespan and supports optimal detox performance by empowering the liver’s capacity.* It protects normal liver enzyme levels and reduces bilirubin in the blood, both of which are key indicators of liver performance.* Get the benefits of a best-selling liver cleanse and detox formula without Milk Thistle, instead containing Capers, Chicory, Arjuna and other herbal ingredients, all Non-GMO Project verified.

Straight Hemp


Straight Hemp is grown organically in Colorado with snowmelt and natural sun.   All liquid products contain the full spectrum of terpenes and other trace cannabinoids offering you the maximum benefit for body and mind. The actual CBD content is standardized so you know what you’re getting, and every batch is tested for quality and potency by a certified third party lab. Each bottle contains full spectrum hemp extract and organic hemp seed oil. The .4ml makes it convenient to give CBD a try. (Larger sizes available plus salves and Vape cartridges)  Learn More

CALM Magnesium


Natural Vitality Raspberry Lemon powder is an easily digested ionic magnesium citrate and adding the powder to hot water immediately activates this ionic form. Magnesium is a vital, multi-purposed mineral involved in an estimated 300+ enzymatic reactions in the body. As a result a magnesium deficiency can contribute to a wide variety of conditions, such as, low energy and fatigue, weakness, muscle tension, spasms and cramps.*

Ubiquinol (Co Q10)


Ubiquinol CoQ10 is the more advanced form of CoQ10 that's easier for the body to use rather then the ubiquinone form. Jarrow Formulas® Q-absorb has shown to restore 

Co-Q10 levels reduced by the use

of statins.* Also, researchers are finding clear benefits from ubiquinol supplements for issues of heart

disease, blood pressure, gum and oral health, and even nervous system challenges.*

Vit D3 - 2000 IU


The sunshine vitamin is crucial. People are more deficient in vitamin D than they may realize. In northern climates, and among those who have limited mobility and don’t spend much time outdoors, vitamin D deficiencies are common. Vitamin D3 is a daily required nutrient that helps calcium build our bones and teeth, keeps the immune system strong, reduces the effects of inflammation and physical wear and tear in the joints, and protects our brain cells.* Clinical trials show that higher levels of vitamin D3 are associated with improved mental function and ability.* Additional research is looking into vitamin D3 levels and its effect on the cognitive skills of those afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease, too.  How much should you take?



Europharma CuraMed 750 by Terry Naturally offers superior support for a healthy inflammation response and supports the liver, brain, heart, and immune health.* Providing 500 mg of full spectrum curcuminoids per soft gel, it comes from non-GMO turmeric and grown without chemicals. When compared gram per gram, the clinically studied curcumin in CuraMed delivers up to 500 times more curcumin to the bloodstream than turmeric and due to it’s popularity and effectiveness has now produced over 50 groundbreaking, published studies

GF Cake Mix


Namaste Gluten Free Spice cake is scrumptious!. We have made this multiple times for events and is always a favorite whether you are gluten free or not. It will make your mouth water with the simple, easy recipe on back of box, or add shredded carrot, currants or raisins and nuts if you like for a fabulous carrot cake variation.

Nordic Omega 2X


Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega 2X is our most therapeutic omega-3 fish oil. It offers many benefits for the heart, brain, and immune health, and for those whose doctors prescribe 2000+ mg of omega-3s daily.* Ultimate Omega 2X delivers a mega serving of 1000 mg omega-3s EPA and DHA per soft gel from 100% wild-caught sardines and anchovies, has a fresh lemon taste, and is non-GMO and third-party tested, surpassing the strictest international standards for purity and freshness.

Liq MultiVitamin


Nature’s Plus Source of Life Gold Liquid is the ULTIMATE whole food based multivitamin, mineral and enzyme whole food supplement with a tropical fruit flavor. This gluten-free energy supporting liquid multi features acai, resveratrol, vitamin D3, B-12 and over 120 whole foods in each easy-to-take serving. It has the energizing, antioxidant, and anti-aging power making it the gold standard when it comes to taking a complete multi-vitamin and mineral in a liquid form. If you dislike taking pills, this is the answer..

Organic India Tea


Organic India Tulsi tea is a delicious and nourishing herbal infusion. Throughout India, Tulsi is acclaimed as "The Queen of Herbs" and is revered as a sacred plant. It is soothing & relaxing, aids digestion, supports the immune system, is a powerful adaptogen, uplifts mood, supports the natural detoxification process, is caffeine & gluten free, is USDA certified organic and is Non GMO Project verified.* Enjoy the original flavor or any one of the 10 infusions that we carry.

Kosher Macadamias


Royal Hawaiian delicious Non-GMO & Kosher Macadamias have been locally grown and cultivated in Hilo, Hawaii for over 60 years. They practice sustainable agriculture. They conserve water by relying almost exclusively on rainfall for irrigation and have rejuvenated hundreds of acres and plan to rejuvenate hundreds more. Also, they turn waste into fuel. They recycle and reuse almost every part of the nut to fuel their next batch of home-grown macadamias. The hulls of the nuts are composted to nourish the soil and fertilize the rest of their orchards. Used macadamia nut shells are burned as an energy source to power their facilities. Royal Hawaiian seeks to preserve the natural beauty of the land, sea, and sky through their sustainability and recycling practices.

Organic Skin Cream


Replenish Plus Level 3 is a 100% organic anti-aging, anti wrinkle, anti-oxidant cream, a skin cell generator and cell repair supplement. Recommended for all skin types from young skin, especially if it has been prematurely damaged, right up to the most mature and/or damaged skin regardless of whether it is dry, normal, or oily. Even if your skin is not damaged this cream will help your skin maintain it’s youthful appearance far longer than normal. Replenish Plus creams have no water or toxins or chemicals acting as fillers that dilute and weaken the effectiveness. It immediately feels incredible as soon as you put it on your skin.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. 

For our furry friends

Orijen Dog Food and Cat Food


Orijen Dog Food and Cat Food is an award-winning Biologically Appropriate™ food that mirrors the quantity, freshness and variety of meats that dogs and cats are evolved to eat and nourish them completely. Fresh Regional Ingredients sustainably raised and harvested from nearby farmers, ranchers and fishermen, supply nutrients in their freshest, most natural and nourishing form. AND, their ingredients are NEVER SOURCED which means they make all of their own foods in their own kitchens and they don’t make food for anyone else. They are dedicated to the highest standards of authenticity, nutritional integrity and food safety and we believe it is the BEST dry pet food available!  Learn more 

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